The Random Walk 1: 2244 NIKOLA

For the title of this album, inspiration came from NASA's 2244 Tesla carbonaceous asteroid that is located in the central region of the asteroid belt about 25 kilometers in diameters.  "The Random Walk" refers to the motion of particles across the solar landscape.

The music on this album is Electronic Industrial with awesome lead synths and hard driving beats, set amidst futuristic synthesis. 

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Relaxing New Age Instrumental with Gregorian Chanting. Chanting performed by Portuguese vocal ensemble Coral Vértice (based in Lisbon, Portugal). Music by Delphine Tesla.

EKO Lunae

​​Relaxing ambient music for peace of mind with beautiful strings, mysterious pianos and luscious pads . Promotes relaxation of mind and body for a wonderful restful sleep. Etherial bells, chimes and atmospheric sounds also make "EKO Lunae" a must have album for yoga and meditation.